Why Purchase a SeaArk Boat?

SeaArk boats are known as the most “Overbuilt Jon Boats” out there, and it shows in there construction! All SeaArk boats are welded, not riveted. Rivets can work loose and leak! SeaArk uses .125” Aluminum on all of their boats with a 72” bottom and mud runners, and a .100” on their 60” bottom boats and smaller.

They use .125” gauge treadplate floors in all of their boats except for the 48” bottom boats. This helps prevent “oil canning or popping” when stepped on and are constructed with risers so they are level. Under the floors, all 72” bottom MV’s is a three-piece rib made from .125” aluminum, and feature rib doublers on the first four ribs, to ensure a good “bite” on the weld. The C.U.B. and Workhorse Models offer doublers on all the ribs. All other boats feature Extruded ribs with doublers built in.

SeaArk keels are 3/16” extruded aluminum; these are the largest of any other manufactures. This spot of the boat receives the brunt of the punishment and this oversized keel is necessary to take it! Along with using the thickest keel, SeaArk has the largest extruded cap rail in the industry! This adds strength to the overall boats, and takes the brunt of docking, working over the side of the boat, and accessory use on the track system!

The biggest thing about SeaArk is they use No Wood! In any of their boats! All floors are aluminum and transoms are aluminum channel reinforced with extruded plastic, which will not rot or react with the metal to cause corrosion.

Variety of Models

SeaArk has the most diverse variety of boat models out there, from Inboard and outboard Jet tunnel hulls for the shallow rivers, like the Wisconsin River. MV hulls are the most versatile boat hull for our area, or the V-Jon hull for big water walleye fishing, duck hunting, or to take big river barge waves, this hull will do it, while only drafting inches of water!


SeaArk offers the most competitive warranty out there! SeaArk has a *Lifetime Warranty* against hull puncture, and a 5-year limited warranty on all of its manufactured products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If by chance you are able to hurt this overbuilt boat, SeaArk will stand behind it!

Nobody has a warranty like SeaArk!

Why Purchase your next boat from Ox-Bo Marine?

About Ox-Bo Marine

Ox-Bo Marine started in 1995 as a repair shop and started selling SeaArk’s in 1999. Since then, Ox-Bo marine has always been one of SeaArk’s top sellers of new and used boats. Ox-Bo Marine is family owned and operated by Chad and Carla Buelter. They treat every customer like family!

Located right on the Rock River/ Lake Sinnissippi, Ox-Bo Marine provides offer on-the-water test drives of all of our boats in-stock (as long as there is open water!). And all boat deliveries are on the water to show you every aspect of your new purchase! We can pair your SeaArk with a Mercury, Boss Drive or Beavertail Motor. We are also the only Jet Pump Dealer in the upper mid-west, and have a lot of experience with these and installing them on SeaArk’s!

We specialize in jet's and know how to setup your SeaArk right!