~ There are many ways to help a neighbor but you went beyond the ordinary. We really appreciated your help in recovering our little pier. Since you did not ask for payment, we wanted to find another way to thank you. We thought you might enjoy breakfast at PJ's... Thanks again.
- Lois and Bob

~ The Suzuki 60 that I bought ran wonderful at Cass Lake for the past 2 weeks. Ran it all the time we were on the water fishing for 2 weeks and used about 21 gallons of fuel. Unless your in the back by the motor you can barely hear it run. Thanks again for the great service. If you need any references have them give me a call.
- Dennis

~ To Everyone at Ox-Bo: you worked on the power steering problem for my Palm Beach pontoon. You added power steering for me and Tom and I couldn't be happier. We both can drive the boat without any problems. You've saved my summer. Thank you!
- Tom and Kathy

~ Thank you for the excellent service. The ShoreStation that you sold me and installed is fantastic. Thanks again.
- Jeffrey, 6-13-2014

~Recently I purchased at 2002 Suzuki 115 four-stroke from Ox Bo marine in Juneau, Wisconsin, for my 17-foot, 8-inch Smoker Craft Ultima deep-V aluminum boat (hull weight,1150 pounds). It was installed with a 13 1/2 x 22 inch three-blade stainless prop. The specifications call for a wide-open-throttle (WOT) operating range of 5000 to 6000rpm. By 25 hours runtime, it was redlining at 6000rpm. I talked to Chad and Carla Buelter at Ox Bo and they agreed to replace my prop with a 24-inch wheel. This done, over the next 25 hours I started out at 5800rpm and eventually was back up to 6000. I was also blowing out on my holeshots whenever the water got slightly rough. 

With Suzuki not having any larger props in its lineup, Buelter got in touch with Power-Tech Propellers and lined up a 25-pitch four-blade. Buelter installed the new prop and test-drove it. I now have a great holeshot with no blowout. With a light load, the Suzuki is turning 5600prm at WOT and doing 53mph. Two things worth noting: Suzuki has one incredibly strong 115 hp four-stroke. Secondly, Ox Bo Marine and PowerTech went above and Beyond to satisfy their customer. Great service is out there. All you have to do is find it.

- Jim Hansen

You Float My Boat